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My name is Erin, and I live in a seaside city towards the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand.  My husband Geoff and I met at University, although it wasn't until 8 years later that we fell in love and got married less than 2 years after that.  We now have three great kids, a girl and two boys - Miss E, Master G and Master J.

I have a Technology degree in Bioprocess Engineering, and after a stint researching seafood proteins and enzymes, I segued into packaging engineering for a seafood company.  And I've stayed in food packaging as a career ever since, although the products I've worked with since have had more pleasant smells (tomato sauces, herbs and spices, chocolate and last but not least coffee).  I grew up on lifestyle blocks where I had the fantastic opportunity to ride horses, learn some animal husbandry and generally get dirty regularly.  My Mum knitted and did cross-stitch, and I initially learnt both from her, although the knitting didn't stick back then.  I also had the opportunity to do an AFS student exchange to Saskatchewan, Canada as a gap year between high school and university.  It was the most amazing life changing experience, and I am still close to my host family more than half a lifetime later, visiting as often as I can manage it.

I learnt to patchwork and quilt at a night class during the seafood years, and re-learnt to knit when I was cast in an amateur theatre production that required me to knit on stage around that same time.  The crafting really hit a higher gear once my children started arriving, including starting Berry Patch Cottage as an online fabric retailer.  That didn't quite work out as I planned and left me with a itch to create that I didn't have time to scratch.  So, it was with both sadness and relief that I closed the online shop in early 2016 and am redirecting my creative focus back to crafting.

With an Engineering degree onboard my creative focus has always been to make practical items like bed sized quilts and sewn or knitted children's clothes.  So, I am still a beginner when it comes to working out my personal creative style, and I am pushing myself to make more smaller whimsical things once I cross a few things off craft to-do list.  My kids are my main inspiration, as is colour.  I love all the colours of the rainbow, but those deep berry colours of blueberry navy, cherry red, raspberry pink and boysenberry purple as well as forest green and coffee brown are my colour comfort zone.

I look forward to sharing my crafting journey with you, as I figure out what my creative style is.  I hope you enjoy your time here.

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