We are very sad to announce Berry Patch Cottage is closing down as a fabric retailer. Almost everything has been discounted, and I am adding more stock (mostly pre-cut FQs and short ends) every day as quickly as I can. Happy sewing and THANK YOU for your support over the last almost 5 years. Dunedin customers - you can still visit by appointment if you prefer to look in person.

Benartex fabric

All fabric is sold by the quarter metre - in either metric Fat Quarters (FQs) or in 0.25m increments continuous cut from the bolt (BOLT).  

For a metric Fat Quarter (50x~55cm) - select the listing for your fabric described as a FQ.  If there is no FQ listing, it means we have none pre-cut and you will need to order from the the BOLT, as we are winding down we won't be pre-cutting any more FQs.

For 0.25m or larger continuous lengths cut from the bolt - select the listing for your fabric described as a BOLT:

  • For 1/2 metre (50cm x ~110cm) purchase 2
  • For 0.75m purchase 3
  • For 1 metre purchase 4
  • And so on...  1.25m (order 5), 1.5m (order 6), 1.75m (order 7), 2m (order 8), etc...

SHORT END is a short length remaining that doesn't easily fit the 0.25m increments - where they occur they will have a unique price and specified length.

100% Cotton fabric - unless stated otherwise