I am STILL adding in the pre-cut FQs listings, but have re-opened the website in the mean time as the listings for fabric on the bolt are now correct and the website is open again.

Benartex fabric

All fabric is sold by the quarter metre - in either metric Fat Quarters (FQs) or in 0.25m increments continuous cut from the bolt (BOLT).  

For a metric Fat Quarter (50x~55cm) - select the listing for your fabric described as a FQ.  If there is no FQ listing, it means we have none pre-cut and you will need to order from the the BOLT, as we are winding down we won't be pre-cutting any more FQs.

For 0.25m or larger continuous lengths cut from the bolt - select the listing for your fabric described as a BOLT:

  • For 1/2 metre (50cm x ~110cm) purchase 2
  • For 0.75m purchase 3
  • For 1 metre purchase 4
  • And so on...  1.25m (order 5), 1.5m (order 6), 1.75m (order 7), 2m (order 8), etc...

SHORT END is a short length remaining that doesn't easily fit the 0.25m increments - where they occur they will have a unique price and specified length.

100% Cotton fabric - unless stated otherwise