Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Little Boys and Super Heroes

Big changes at Berry Patch Cottage in the last 12 months - the biggest of which was that I resigned from my professional job a few months ago to become a crafty stay at home Mum.  It was a big call, but a necessary one, and life in our little family is getting back on track as a result.

It did give me time to finish some crafty projects that have been stalled for a while.  Master J has been looking forward to a new sweater for quite some time, and who could deny this face!?!

This pattern is called "Lennix" by Rebecca Newman (available on Ravelry).  Rebecca also has a Facebook page TinyLovely.  I've been crushing on this pattern for a long time - I love the way she does the colour changes throughout with the different stitch.  And I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

The yarn I used is from Rachel at FeatherBrush yarns (also on both Ravelry and Facebook).  Isn't it stunning!!  This yarn is a DK/8 ply wool yarn.  The colour way Rachel dyed here was inspired by the character Captain America, which is one of Master J's favourite super heroes, so of course I had to find buttons that went with it too...

Master J couldn't wait to take it for a spin so we headed off to his favourite playground on a glorious cool clear early-Spring morning after the school drop off for his siblings.  He was delighted to have the playground to himself and took off at run.

Lots of sliding!


More running... 

And a trip to the playground would not be complete without some climbing!

And that is the first of my crafty blog posts...  Hopefully the first of many!

xx E


  1. What a great visit to the park. Handsome jersey on an equally handsome wee chap.

  2. Nice to hear from you and a great sweater!