Monday, 21 March 2016

Berry Patch Cottage shop closing

It was with some sadness that I announced in late January that Berry Patch Cottage was closing as a fabric and crafts retailer.  The website will be closed after March 30th, and as soon as practical I will have the website address point here, to my blog.

The last 5 years, since I opened BPC, has been a challenging but amazing journey.  I have learnt so much!  And built my fabric and yarn stash too much!!  And with no time to use it!!!  But when I step back and consider the reasons why I opened in the first place, I have not achieved those goals.  I have 3 gorgeous kids (one of who arrived during this time), and an amazing husband, who has been incredibly supportive and patient throughout this journey.  And it is for them that I have decided to call it quits on the retail business and go back to being:

...a Mum

...a Wife employee in my career field (packaging technology)

...and someone who crafts for pleasure, and have the time to be able to make and gift hand-made items to friends and family whom I know will appreciate them.

So, if you have come here looking for my online shop - I am sorry to disappoint you.  If you click on the "shop" tab above it will show you where I am selling off the last of the residual stock.

This blog will be a space where I can share my passion for fabric and yarn based crafts.  What will hopefully be developing photograph and design skills...

And an obsession with coffee, and all things berry...

Happy Sewing!!

xx E

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